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The Kaliningrad regional fund of the social warranties for the servicemen (the Fund Garantiya) is a charitable social-state union which incorporates 2 structural subdivisions:

 - The Marine Agency Garantiya using an exclusive right granted by the Russian Navy, the agency organizes the reception of cruise vessels at the military moors of the Navy port Baltiysk. The agency has licenses and provides agent service for sea vessels. During 8 years of its activity the agency has received 54 vessels berthed at the moors of the Baltiysk Navy base and provided excursions for the tourists on board these vessels. The excursions were around Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Baltiysk, Zelenogradsk.

 -          The Tourist Agency Garantiya was founded in 2000. It has the license  for the international tourist activity. The agency is specialized in organization of journeys, trips for tourists from Russia, in reception, accommodation and providence of service for the foreign tourists visiting Kaliningrad region, and in providence of excursion service around the Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Baltiysk, Zelenogradsk. The agency has an experience in making sightseeing excursion trips to St-Petersburg for schoolchildren and students.

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